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Tai Chi


Tai Chi is a unique method of holistic exercise, originated and developed in China as an Internal Martial Art, for centuries.

It combines gentle body movements with natural breathing and clear intention. This way it helps the body and mind to be strong and healthy while it cultivates a deep feeling of harmony, relaxation and well-being.

The movements are circular and harmonious, like those of a beautiful slow dance.


The intensity of the exercise is low to moderate and helps improve posture, balance, stability, strength and flexibility without the risk of being injured. It also improves the function of the cardiovascular and nervous systems. It helps reduce chronic pain and prevent osteoporosis. The deep and natural breathing pattern and mind-focus has remarkable effects in releasing tension and eliminating anxiety. Thus being ideal for stress management in everyday life. 

Its health benefits are already being proven by various scientific studies all around the world. BBC News reported in September of 2015: “Tai Chi should be prescribed for illnesses”.

And the even better news is that “Tai Chi is suitable for everyone”. Man or woman, short or tall, heavy or light, weak or strong, young or old. All can enjoy. All can benefit from this beautiful art.



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