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Online Sessions in English

1-on-1 Online Tai Chi and Qigong Sessions are now offered in English language. In these sessions you get personal tutoring by Dimitris Tsolakidis according to your own needs. Group sessions are also possible upon request. 

For more information and bookings please contact Dimitris Tsolakidis at: or click the button below.

Bronze Medal in the 7th World Kungfu Championships in Emeishan, China

The 7th World Kungfu Championships took place this November in Sichuan Province's Emeishan.

It is currently the biggest competitive event worldwide for the Traditional Chinese Martial Arts, organized every two years by the International Wushu Federation  (IWUF).


In this year's event, 57 countries joined the competition with a total of more than 3800 athletes.


Dimitris Tsolakidis represented the Greek Team in 'Traditional Taijiquan' category and won the Bronze Medal.

Lecture on Tai Chi in Shanghai University

In 2015, September 5th, Flow Taiji Center's Director, Dimitris Tsolakidis, gave a lecture in the Physical Education Department of Shanghai University, Tai Chi being the main subject.


The lecture was organised for the University students by Mr. Liang Shen, Teacher in the Martial Arts Department.

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Taiji Jing Xiu Tang Union - Open Tai Chi Day 2016

The 2nd International Meeting & Exchange of Taiji Jing Xiu Tang Union took place in Greece


Teachers and students of the Member Schools of the JXT Union from China, Italy, Great Britain and Greece participated in the Open Tai Chi Day Activities, including various Tai Chi Performances and Demonstrations, as well as Cultural Exchange Activities like the Traditional Tea Ceremony and Chinese Calligraphy.

The Tai Chi Performances included various Forms of Wu Style Taijiquan such as the Slow Form, Fast Form, Sword Forms, Sabre and Spear Forms. The Pushing Hands and the Fan Form Demonstrations left the audience with a big impression.

The Chinese Team was led by the Founder of Jing Xiu Tang, Master Zhou Zhongfu.

The Cultural Attache of Chinese Embassy, the President of the North Branch of Hellenic Wushu Kungfu Federation and Members of Greece-China Association attended the event.

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