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Topics covered in the Workshop:


  • Basic theory


  • Warm-up set

A set of specially selected exercises to prepare the body and mind for Tai Chi practice. It can also be used as a stand-alone set of gentle workout for general health and rejuvenation.


  • ‘Daoyin Baojian Gong’ Qigong

A beautiful moving Qigong routine characterised by its fluid movement and its beneficial effects on general health and well-being.


  • ‘Wuji' Zhan Zhuang

A fundamental 'Standing Pole’ (non-moving Qigong) exercise for developing strength and stability in the legs and rebuilding correct postural and breathing habits.


  • The 'Taiji feeling' Qigong set

A beautiful, easy-to-learn taiji/qigong set.


  • The 6 Movements Form
           A preparatory form consisting of 6 essential movements of Tai Chi:

1. Beginning of Taiji, 2. Grasp Sparrow's Tail, 3. Single Whip, 4. Raise Hand and Step up, 5. White Crane Spreading Wings, 6. Close Taiji



The purpose of the seminar is:


  1. to introduce the participants to Tai Chi theory and practice

  2. to help them experience the harmony, balance and state of well-being which is inextricably linked to this unique art,

  3. to give them simple but powerful tools to relieve anxiety and improve general health,

  4. to provide them with all is needed* to progress in the beautiful art of Wu style Tai Chi.


*Supportive material will be available to help participants continue their practice after the workshop.



  • The Workshop will be conducted by Dimitris Tsolakidis in English and if needed, there will be translation in Portuguese by his student Ani Correia.


Workshop Schedule:



14:00-15:30. Introduction

16:00-19:30. Main Course (Qigong Set 1, Tai Chi basics)



10:00-14:00. Main Course (Qigong Set 2, Tai Chi 6 Form)

16:30-19:30. Review - Q&A - Closing


  • Suitable for all

  • No experience required

  • Theory and Practice

  • Supportive material available

  • 12 teaching hours


 Cost: 120 euros

 *Early Bird Offer: 96 euros (for the first 10 bookings made before 05/02/2018)

R. Tenente Valadim 662, 
4400-323 V.N.Gaia
T: 965 380 669 / 227 721 829

For more information about Tai Chi, Qigong and the practices included in the workshop you can call the teacher

Dimitris Tsolakidis: (+30) 6945 755 008

or send a message at:

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